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Hippos to Horses Marketing is all about helping Small Business Owners grow their Business.

Hippos to Horses Marketing is a great place to get good content for your entrepreneurial journey. You may be thinking of starting a Business and you are in luck because we have a guide help you make that leap. If you have already just started your small Business this is also a great resource for you. We have a growing repertoire of Blog articles that keep you motivated and help you grow your Hustle.

 Hippos to Horses Marketing is all about helping Small Business Owners grow their Business

Hippos to Horses as the name suggests is about Transformation.  The fact is, … all our dreams are valid, and we all have a voice that the world needs to listen too. Voice is a metaphor for your creative outlet, your Brand or Business. The world wants to listen to you. Hippos to Horses Marketing has found its voice; it is helping you transform from the inside out. The growth cannot be limited to your Business alone, but it also involves you changing your attitude.

The world wants to listen to you.

Our aim at Hippos to Horses  Marketing is to: -Help Brand Owners and Small Business Owners become better at Marketing . We equip them with the tools and skills they need to grow their brands and Businesses.

Hippos to Horses shall endeavour to keep things very simple. One must change their mindset and attitude to be in a position to move forward and transform. One must be prepared to challenge negative thoughts and limitations   

Change          Mindset        Attitude

At Hippos to Horses, we believe that attitude determines altitude. If you want to learn, to grow, to change your present circumstances, then you must have an open mind and a receiving heart. There is always something new to learn.

What we Know and the experience we have

Hippos to Horses- growing and transforming Small Businesses. Our work experience includes working in various multinational organizations in multiple countries for over 10 years. We humbly hold various Postgraduate Marketing diplomas from The Chartered Institute of Marketing in England.

At Hippos to Horses, strongly believes in family and impacting the next generation for a better future. Like many online entrepreneurs, we shall endeavour to make the web a better place by helping someone like you move forward towards your career or business goals with good content.

The blogs will cover an assortment of articles on marketing both the science and the art of it. The science bit will be easy because it should, in theory, be the application of a formula and with a predicted outcome! Easy. The tricky part will be the art part, now there’s the challenge as this is a combination of innate talent and experience.

“Marketing is an Art and Science”

Not to worry there is a science to mastering the art side of the definition and that is …drum roll … practice! practice! practice! … actually, going out there and doing it!

We hope that this will become your go-to resource for all things marketing!


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Brand identity

Marketing Mix

Product, Price, Packaging, Place

Brand Equity

Loyalty, Value, Quality

"Everything is an art and science.The difference is the attitude with which you approach it."

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