The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurial Parents Make When Growing an Online Business and How to Overcome Them

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurial Parents Make When Growing an Online Business and How to Overcome Them

Do you  still make  mistakes in business and parenting  ? Do not worry we all do but there are mindset shifts that can reduce the frequency . 

If you’re an entrepreneur and a parent, you know that balancing both is not easy. There are many challenges of working on your business while being a full-time caregiver to our loved families. Entrepreneurial parents are bound to make mistakes.

Entrepreneurial parents, like you and me, are working parents too. Yes! We work. The only difference is that we earn our living at home.  We have what I call time and flexibility freedom, where we are free to put the brakes on our online businesses when required.

Online business owners can also propel the engines to their businesses when opportunities arise. As Entrepreneurial parents, we embrace the unwavering need to be in the driver’s seat around the clock when it comes to parenting our children. It is more than just the money; it’s getting the family right.

Truth be told, we are actively seeking a better lifestyle, which aims to successfully combine the delights and realities of making a living with the delights and realities of raising a family. You need to be there for your kids, provide them with the level of care they need, and help your business succeed.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success as an entrepreneurial parent because each person’s situation is different. We can all agree on the need for a balance between work and family on our terms.

So give yourself permission to break out of the mould, be unreasonable as discussed in the previous blog, be the 1% that people wonder about.

However, there are definite mistakes that entrepreneurial parents often make when running their online businesses and raising kids simultaneously.  In this article, we shall discuss the five biggest mistakes Entrepreneurial Parents make when growing an online Business and the strategies you can use to overcome them.

Entrepreneurial Parent Mistake #1:Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day, and Nothing Good Comes Easy

Success is not guaranteed. Some businesses will thrive; others won’t. That is the sad reality of life. As a parent in business, it is your soul desire that your business will grow in value. You want a sustainable business that can support your family financially

You need to be realistic about your expectations and try to be patient. One of the many reasons that so many businesses fail so early on is because entrepreneurs expect they can open their doors, and just like that, they will start making money.

Building an online business is like planting a crop (Wheat, Corn, Rice). You have to invest in good land, good seed, plant at the right time. The next part involves a lot of watering, weeding, adding compost and sunshine. In due time you get to harvest your crop. It is not this easy, but you get the picture.

Get the foundation right by answering the all-important question: –

  • Who am I serving? The answer will supply your Dream Audience
  • How am I going to serve them? What products or solutions is your business going to develop?
  • Why will they choose me over others providing similar products? What is your value proposition or statement?

If you can get the above three questions correct, you have set yourself up for success and avoid the mistakes entrepreneurial parents make when growing an online business.


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 Start A Content-First Business: – Delivery Value to Get Value

Content is the vehicle that delivers value to your dream audience. Your next step is to develop a system that draws your dream customers in, according to Joe Pulizzi in his Book Content INC. I like his framework, which works on the principle of serving your audience first.

The summary of the  Joe Pulizzi  Content INC. framework (adapted for Joe Pulizzi’s  book Content INC.)

The Sweet Spot: Identify the intersection of your unique expertise and your audience’s pain points

The Content Tilt: Determine how you can “tilt “your sweet spot to find a place where little or no competition exists

The Base: Choose a central platform or content distribution

Audience Building: Use social media to convert one-time visitors into long-term subscribers

Revenue: Begin charging money for your products or services

Diversify: Grow your business by expanding into multiple delivery channels

Sell or Go Big: Exit by selling for millions or build an enterprise

(Adapted for Joe Pulizzi   book Content INC.)

You will agree that building a  successful and sustainable online business takes a lot of work, but you got this! A little hard word will  help you avoid the mistakes entrepreneurial parents make when growing an online business.

Mistakes are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn: As an Entrepreneur and Parent 

What will people think? Are you one of those people who are afraid to make a mistake? A perfectionist, perhaps? People will always have an opinion, So I am permitting you to build your legacy.

I read a lot of books. (OK, I also listen to audiobooks at a speed of 1.5X). Some of the books that have been very liberating for me is Carols Dweck’s book ‘Mindset’ and Angela Duckworth’s book, ‘Grit’. In both these books, the underlying idea is that we can all improve and achieve our goals.

The road to success is littered with mistakes and imperfection, but eventually, with perseverance and passion, we get there.

I would recommend a growth mindset in your attitude towards Entrepreneurship and Parenting. Capture that feeling and put it in a bottle—press repeat. Celebrate the effort and not the results.

I try as much as ‘parently’ (is there such a word?) possible to celebrate the effort the children put into their projects. I encourage them to try out new things as well as challenging things. I know that the process of purposeful repetition can make novel and hard things become the norm.

The same applies to you as an entrepreneurial parents  who want to avoid these mistakes when expanding  your online business.. Think about it when you first created your website, logging into your site to post a blog was not always easy.  But now you do not even think about it. You can post an SEO optimized, forward-backwards linked blog like a doughnut dunked in coffee. That’s progress!

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Entrepreneurial Parent Mistake #2:If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Get You There. – Lewis Carroll

I grew up in a sunshine rich country. As a child, I remember spending many endless hours with a piece of broken glass (health and safety!). I would use the glass to magnify and intensify the sun’s rays. Sometimes it would generate enough heat to light dry tinder.  The concentrated light produced the fire. Focus is the operative word.

The Riches Are in The Niches

I love rhyme. To succeed in your online business, you have to narrow down your target market. You must focus your resources (financial, time, content, platforms) on a particular goal. Using the analogy above, you can ignite the fire to fuel your business growth.

If you can find a niche that needs your product and, more importantly, is willing and able to pay for it, then you are in business. You gotcha put food on the table.

Each Piece of Content in Your Company Must Have A Purpose And A Call To Action

I remember the first time; I came across the idea that each piece of content I create in my company must have a purpose and a call to action. If you look through my articles, you will see a significant change in how I title my pieces and write the first sentence.

In her book Master Content Marketing, Pamela Wilson writes in detail about the importance of using your blog headline to draw in your readers and the first line to hook them in.

I think it is a good idea to take some time to think about the enterprise that you are building or want to create. Once you have decided on what solution you will be selling, focus all your energy to bring that dream to fruition. Remember that everything you craft in your business must be geared towards your overall business goal. Starting with intention and purpose will help you avoid the mistakes entrepreneurial parents make when developing your  online business.

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Entrepreneurial Parent Mistake #3:Not Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies into Your Online Business

Hippos to Horses Marketing is very passionate about using the marketing concept as a means to grow your business. The marketing concept places much emphasis on putting the consumer/customer at the centre of all activities.  

In theory, this should give you, the business owner, a razor-sharp vision into your customer’s psychology, a concept that places you above competition in meeting your target audience’s needs and desires. It will be a position that will guarantee that your business will be a going concern for a very long time to come

Digital Marketing Transforms The Way You Connect With Your Dream Audience.

Digital marketing can transform how your online businesses connect with your Dream audience. Digital marketing has made it possible for you to directly communicate with your customers without going through a third party and seeking permission. Your consumers can also directly communicate with you without going through many gatekeepers.

One digital communication strategy that you should not ignore is Email Marketing. Email Marketing is the promotion of your business and its products using Email as a medium of communication. This definition clearly shows that email marketing has a lot to do with building your business.

 Email Marketing is like an online sales team knocking from door to door, offering your customers value. Value can manifest in different forms: – content, brands, promotional offers, industry insights, motivation etc.

Email marketing is vital for most online companies; an engaged email list will be the fuel that powers a business .your business!

Creating a robust email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your ideal target audience in a personalized way. Writing an email is very intimate, especially writing in your voice.

 In a blog article by H2H marketing, every business can attract a unique and distinct target audience by simply using a language that resonates with them.  As a business owner, you should write exclusive emails to your subscribers.

It is often said that where there is a focus, energy flows. Grow your business by setting up an Email Marketing Strategy. Click on the link here to download your Free Ultimate Email Marketing Guide.  

Sometimes the best way to avoid these mistakes that  entrepreneurial parents make when growing an online business is to simply implement.Just do it

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Entrepreneurial Parent Mistake #4:Complicating And Overthinking Tasks That Can Be Automated

Life is already complicated. Our goal as entrepreneurial parents is to find and keep our time and flexibility freedoms. One of the tremendous benefits of starting an online business is this space to do it in.

As an entrepreneur, you have permitted yourself to change your life. You are taking charge and not asking anyone else permission to live your best life. I find this so liberating.

You need to give yourself the freedom to do what is important to you, your spirit, your family. To do that, you need to automate many of your business processes after having simplified them.

Social Media Automation Your Key to Productivity

Use social media scheduling tools. Social media can feel overwhelming, and knowing you should be posting daily can feel like a total drag. The most common social media scheduling tools are PLANNPlanoly, MeetEdgarTailwindLATER.

You are smart enough to do your research and select the app that works best for you. I use media scheduling programs because they fit well with my batch working system. I can sit down and plan out weeks’ worth of content all at once and know that they will be shared with my audience without me having to push a button.

Automation starts with you developing and implementing a series of steps that lead to the desired result. If you can document these steps, then it becomes a process. Establish the processes that run your business and automate them

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Entrepreneurial Parent Mistake #5:Trying To Be Perfect When Your Potential Isn’t Limited but Expandable


Everybody is familiar with the quote that nobody is perfect; this is true.

Have you ever listened to or read about the success stories of people who have achieved extraordinary things? Why are some people so amazingly good at what they do? Almost everywhere you look, from competitive sports, musical performance, medicine and business, there are those unique, exceptional individuals who astonish us with what they can do and how well they do it.

It turns out that we all have the same ability.

It turns out that we all have the same ability. According to Ericsson and Pool in their book Peak, we also have the gift. We are born with it, and with the right approach, we can develop it.

We all can create our potential. We build our gift through a systematic and consistent way of learning. Learning isn’t the way to reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it. Our potential is not limited but expandable. Take a minute to digest that.

So today, I want to allow you to slay the ‘perfection dragon’. Perfectionism is so limiting. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a strength. The more I learn about success. It is becoming clear that successful people simply go ahead and start. They make mistakes and correct them along the way.

Successful people do not let their failures or success define them because they are not perfect. They know that their potential is expandable. Successful people are constantly learning and expanding in all areas of their lives.

Accept that the entrepreneurial journey is full of peaks and troughs, but the secret is to bounce back and try again and again. Reframe failure in your mind; see failure as a launchpad to developing your potential. Eventually, you will soar so high and glide. The wind will carry you. But only if your take action now to start building your legacy, stop procrastinating and pour energy into making your dreams come true.

Final Thoughts on the Biggest Mistakes Entreprenuerial Parents Make. 

Over the years, I have come to treasure my freedoms. I am very intentional in everything I consume, from content to diet. Because I know I will have to face the consequences of my actions in the end.

A fool learns from his own experience, but a wise one learns from the fool’s experience. You now know the five biggest mistakes that many entrepreneurial parents make. Learn from them. Implement the recommended strategies of planning, focus and intention, email marketing, social media automation and finally embrace that your potential is expandable.

A fool learns from his own experience, but a wise one learns from the fool’s experience

Remember, learning isn’t the way to reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it. Our potential is not limited but expandable.

I bet you want to continue to expand your potential. Join our Weekly Newsletter here. Let us help you build your online business.

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