How To Grow Your Online Business by Turning Your Business Weaknesses into Strengths

How To Grow Your Online Business by Turning Your Business Weaknesses into Strengths


Can you scale an online business by switching your business weaknesses for strengths?

You’ve launched your online business, trying desperately to get it off the ground. But instead of scaling, it’s stagnating.


 You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs find that even after having a good idea and hard work, they still struggle to grow their business.


As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have to know how to view your business in a way that will make it the most profitable. Even the most successful companies have weaknesses, and there’s nothing wrong with that. These weaknesses can be used as strengths to turn your business into a powerhouse.


So if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, keep reading. Here are some ways you can turn your online business weaknesses into strengths!

A Business Weakness Isn't a Bad Thing. It's A Strength

Step 1: A Business Weakness Isn’t a Bad Thing. It’s A Strength

The first step is to identify your business’ strengths. You can leverage those strengths to grow your business and make it successful. It’s simple to take what you excel at and make it better than anybody else in your industry. It is part of your value proposition.


What Is Your Business’s Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a unique way in which only you can deliver your brand message. What benefits does your brand provide to its customers that are superior to anybody else in the market? Your sweet spot is that distinctive way to bring ideas to life based on your beliefs, knowledge, and expertise.

Use A Swot Analysis to Map Out Your Business Strengths and Weaknesses.

Strategy 101, SWOT analysis help organizations to identify opportunities and threats. Usually, the threats arise from the internal weakness of the business. These are the weakness you need to address as an entrepreneur to grow your business.

The view you adopt for your online business profoundly affects its growth and success. As I have come to understand, it can determine whether it becomes the dream business that was going to give you the time and flexibility freedoms you craved for at the beginning of your journey.

Identify the cracks on the wall and start filling them, to stop further deterioration of your metaphorical wall.

Business success is about the exchange of value between two parties. As an online business owner, your goal is to give value to your target customer.  Solve your customers’ problems and give them the best solutions at a price they are willing to buy, and you will have a successful business.


Use Your Business Weakness as A Guide to The Business Objectives You Should Focus On

Finding the weakness is often challenging because it calls for a lot of self-reflection for both you, the business owner and your contribution to its success. I am not sure how good you are at accepting your role in a given outcome.

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to face challenges that you cannot solve. It may be a problem that you simply do not have the means to resolve. Or maybe it’s merely a problem that you find challenging to handle.

Whatever it is, you feel stressed and frustrated because things are not proceeding as planned.

The beauty of being intentional in finding your company’s weakness is that now you can better anticipate potential company challenges. You can proactively plan to counter them as part of your yearly business objective setting session.

Develop A Plan to Overcome Your Business Weakness and Grow Your Business Strengths.

Step 2: Develop A Plan to Overcome Your Business Weakness and Grow Your Business Strengths.        

The first step is to figure out what you’re doing wrong. What limits your business from growing? What are the challenges that keep you from scaling?

It can be difficult, but turning your weaknesses into strengths is crucial. To help you, try answering these questions:

  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • What keeps you from scaling?
  • What limits your business from growing?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What makes it difficult for others to notice or hear about your company?

Better still, why not grab our FREE Clarity Tool to dig deep. Click here to start your discovery.

Step 3: Transform Your Company Weaknesses into Competitive Advantage Strengths

What’s a weakness? Weaknesses are things that put your business at a disadvantage. They can be related to the product, business model or marketing strategy.

For example:

– You offer a service that is not in high demand, and the returns to your business are low

– You’re using outdated technology, and customers get frustrated with the quality of your products

– You’re creating content for the wrong audience, all your hard work down the drain.


How do you turn your weaknesses into strengths?

Once you have identified and recognized your business weaknesses, you’ll have a better idea of how to improve them. Perhaps you need to change your marketing approach or create new products for your target audience. Maybe you need to update some outdated technology. Whatever the case may be, identifying and recognizing your weaknesses will put you on the right path towards growth!

Hippos to Horses Marketing : T

Step 4: Create and Develop New Products to Build Your Business strength -Gaining Competitive Advantage

You’ll have to research and find a new way to sell your product or services. You could try adding a new service that compliments your current offering or come up with an innovative way to market your business. You can’t just rely on the same old marketing methods, and you may need to get creative.

For example, many people interested in getting fit don’t have time for a long workout in the gym. So, one company took this into account by launching a “workout of the day” club that sends workouts directly to members’ phones each morning. This service is relatively inexpensive and gives people access to training any time they want it without committing to a full membership.

The following will go a long way in eliminating the most common online business weakness. Gain these strengths to grow your business.


Create Great Content That Helps Your Customers to Solve Problems and Overcome Business Weakness

Content is the vehicle you will use to transfer value to your dream customers—the ones you want to serve.

The content you create meets the customer’s needs by giving them solutions for their problems. Still, this content should help you meet your own business goals. This content must be related to your business goals.

Especially the goals that will help you overcome your companies’ weaknesses and turn them into strengths.


In a previous blog, I discussed nine distinctive characteristics of successful online entrepreneurs. They are all religious on their content schedule. Most online entrepreneurs treat their businesses as media houses (and you should too). All my baddest online Gurus deliver content on a schedule, Amy PorterfieldRacheal MillerJoan ThuoCharlene JohnsonKeenya KellyNatashaBola Sokunbi. 


Increase Your Email Marketing Efforts and Overcome Business Weakness


What is Email Marketing? The honest answer is how you make money with an online business or even with a brick-and-mortar business.

A more accepted definition is that Email Marketing is the promotion of products (of any kind) using email as a communication medium. Like everything in life and business, trust is the fuel that fires your business’s success.

Email is often an underrated but powerful marketing tool. Email marketing provides you with an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers.  Research shows, we do love our science here at Hippos to Horses Marketing, that by the end of 2025, there will be 4.6 billion Email users. The sheer volume of users makes it a potent weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Why Does Your Business Need Email Marketing to turn its weakness into a business strength? Creating a robust email marketing strategy helps your company reach and connect with your ideal target audience in a personalized way.

Writing an email is very intimate, mainly if you write in your voice.  In a blog article by H2H marketing, every business can attract a unique and distinct target audience by simply using their language.  

As a business owner, you should write emails in your unique style to all your subscribers. The greater the affinity your customers have with your online business, the greater will be your probability of growing

Increase Your Email Marketing Efforts and Overcome Business Weakness

Optimize Your Website SEO and Increase Your Business Strength

If you searched for something across the line of “Hippos to Horses Marketing” and stumbled on this blog post, SEO is why you are reading this article.

Search engine optimization exists to connect the right platforms to its audience using “keywords”.  Keywords are those words or phrases you type into the Google search box, which causes several websites and video links to pop up. It is a fundamental part of digital marketing.

The higher the rankings on search engines, the more traffic to your website

To ensure optimal digital communication, small business owners must make sure all their content in the digital world is continuously optimized. Digital properties include your websiteSocial mediaYouTubePodcastsApps, etc.

As an entrepreneur, you must acquire a deep understanding of analyzing and improving the company’s website content to rank higher in search engines. A helpful plugin for your WordPress blogs is Yoast.

SEO optimization is a long-term process but one of the ways to eliminate your business weakness.


Engage More with Your Dream Customers on Social Media Platforms and Solidify Your Business Strength.

What is Social Media Marketing? How does it help my business grow? Social media marketing is an essential element of digital marketing. Social media involves encouraging your tribe to communicate with you as a business entity.

 Your customers can relate with you on your business website, social media platforms such as FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram, or specialities sites such as blogs and forums. However, to take advantage of the benefits of social media, it is crucial to start to participate in customer conversations.

The power of social media marketing is the ability to have direct communication with your customers. Engagement with customers will give you invaluable insights into the mindset of your customers. Insights that can translate to potential products for your online business

Social media marketing involves your business turning some of its weaknesses into strengths. Start and participate in your customer conversations. These conversations could be related to productspromotions, or anything to help learn more about the customers.

Grow your business strength by being the trusted go-to solution provider for their problems.

There is an added benefit of having conversations with your tribe; this is the improved positive perception of your online business and simultaneous reduction of business weakness.


Step 5: Expand and Don't Limit Yourself: Dare to Do the Impossible, Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Zone of Genius

Step 5: Expand and Don’t Limit Yourself: Dare to Do the Impossible, Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Zone of Genius

One of the most common mistakes business owners make when growing their business is limiting themselves. They fail to explore other avenues and opportunities because they are too focused on their task. You can’t be successful if all you do is put time and effort into one thing.

 If you invest your time and energy into one idea, it could be a weakness for your company because you become too reliant on that one idea and don’t have a contingency plan.

On the other hand, an expansion strategy can help strengthen your business by allowing you to explore new ideas without fully committing to them.

You’ll still have time to work on your primary tasks but will also be able to explore new opportunities. You mustn’t sacrifice your primary goal to expand, though! Rather than taking too much time away from what matters, take some time every day or week to explore new ideas or create better contingencies for your company – just don’t spread yourself too thin!

Start small and build big. When it comes to confidence and taking courageous action (starting an online business), much will be mental. It will be based on what you believe. You will let go of your fixed mindset and adopt a growth mindset.


Final Thoughts on How to Grow Your Business by Turning Your Business Weakness into Strengths

It can be challenging to run a business as an entrepreneur while overseeing everything else. You’re trying to balance your family life and your relationships, which leaves little time for you to focus on your business, let alone its weaknesses.

As mentioned above in the article, remember that setting realistic goals is one way of turning a business weakness into a strength. Setting goals will help keep you focused on the things that matter. You will focus your energy on achieving those goals.

Another way of turning a weakness into a strength is by delegating tasks that don’t require your expertise or take too much of your time. You might want to delegate tasks like social media or email marketing if they don’t come naturally to you or if they take up too much of your time. Doing so will free up more time for you to develop new products, make sales calls, or attend networking events with prospective clients!

Final Thoughts on How to Grow Your Business by Turning Your Business Weakness into Strengths

Remember, too, that fear of the unknown is so limiting. It paralyzes us, and we are not able to move. Fear feeds those limiting narratives that we constantly consume. Most of the fear resides in our mindset.

If you fear making mistakes, you end up not making progress. You will never address the elephant in the room; those business weaknesses hindering your business from growing.

Make progress, however imperfect. Do not stop dead in your entrepreneurial tracks. Build your dream business, and let’s navigate the entrepreneurial waters together.

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